Playground Before and After

Day 316 – June 2, 2012

We spent a fantastic Saturday with the family enjoying the grand re-opening of our neighborhood park. This is a park specifically designed for children. Some parks in Lima, Peru, are beautiful green spaces with benches and trees and are suitable places for contemplation. While these locales may be fantastic for daydreaming and people-watching, they are the epitome of boredom for tykes.

Our local park has stuff for the little ones. There is a slide, a mini-golf course, and even – for a nuevo sol or two – a ride or two (see below).

Playground attraction

Vehicles and trampoline

The reason our neighborhood park was having a grand re-opening was because our city of La Molina spent some time upgrading and refurbishing the place.

Before the grand re-opening, the park had a wooden apparatus that had climbing poles, slides, and swings (no photo available). In March, the city razed that structure leaving this blank sandy space.

Empty sandlot in playground

Slides – Before

A few months later, this is what appeared.

Playground slides

Slides – After

This slide on the far right – to my eye – appears to have a portion of it that goes straight down. My daughter, after having gone down said slide, confirmed for me that this slide is indeed quite fast.

In addition to installing new playground equipment, the city also brightened up other aspects of the park. One of my favorite objects in this location is this item below that is one of those comedic doo-hickeys where people stick their heads through a picture so they look like characters. While there are these objects that make a couple look like a weightlifter and trapeze artist, or two clowns, or Mickey and Minnie Mouse, I believe that this item below is the one and only object on the globe that contains the following two characters.

Lazy Town photo device


Putting aside the degraded nature of this object, please note that these two characters are from the children’s television show LazyTown. While the show may be known in the United States, this program is wildly popular here in Lima. These characters, Stephanie (in pink) and Sportacus (not in pink), appear on all sorts of school supplies and clothing. In addition, a live version of the show came to Lima and played for three days.

This is what the item looks like now after its makeover.

Lazy Town photo device


If you can find on this Earth another photo doo-hickey with these two characters, please let me know.


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