Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Day 213 – February 13, 2012

Create” be the theme this week from WordPress and I will turn the electronic floor over to my middle child with today’s offering.

I have written before about our children’s ability to showcase their creativity (see here and here), but here is more photographic proof of that capacity.

There is no real backstory to this creation of my middle child as it was not done for a school assignment or any other external factor. He simply wanted to build…

Hand made stagecoach

Cusco or Bust

…a stagecoach.

If this were an art gallery, I would say this installation piece is composed of paper, cardboard, glue, and two toy cars.

Why did he use cars to pull the stagecoach?

They have more horsepower.

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sinpolaris is the psuedonym of a guy who likes to write.

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  1. your child is a genius!

  2. I think this is fantastic. One of the best submissions (imo) this week! 🙂

  3. Why didn’t the pioneers think of that?

  4. I really like this!!!!

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