Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Day 155 – December 24, 2011

As I was away from this space during July, I missed out on the weekly photo challenges from the fine folks over at WordPress. I’m back and so here we are with their latest theme, which is “wrong“.

For this entry, please note that Disclaimer No.1 is being invoked.

During our family’s trip to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu in December, we started and ended our vacation in the city of Cusco. While there, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch at a restaurant called A La Manera. The eatery’s title comes from the Frank Sinatra song, “My Way”. In fact, the menu includes quotes from the Chairman of the Board in addition to the daily selections to dine on. I had a lamb sandwich which was quite good.

However, the reason I bring this particular date and eating establishment as my offering for the WordPress photo challenge is due to the following sign which was posted in the restaurant’s bathroom…

Sign in bathroom in Cusco, Peru

This way, not that way

You are reading the pictograms on this sign correctly as it is indeed instructing you to throw your used toilet paper in the trash can and not in the toilet. I understand that this is not an uncommon practice in Peru as the plumbing in this country cannot handle the extra…er, mass. I understand that, but to me it just seems…well, just fitting for this week’s theme.

Curious to note that if WordPress had left just one letter off their theme, I could have posted this picture instead…

Wong grocery store in Lima, Peru

The Wong type of store for this photo challenge

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  1. Peru isn’t the only place this is the rule… some of Asia and Eastern Europe, too… at least when I was last there!

  2. Ha ha ha! WONG had me busting up. Yes, I agree with the other wrong….something smells about it.

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