The Leftist Point of View

Day 389 – August 13, 2012

You may not know this (I certainly didn’t) but August 13 is Left Handers Day, a day to celebrate all things left-handed.

The editors of Publimetro, a free Peruvian newspaper handed out on the street, knew of this day because they put out a special left-handed edition of their periodical. How do I know it was a left-handed edition? Look for yourself…

August 13 edition of Publimetro

In honor of Left Handed Day

What you see above is the front page of Publimetro with the headline Poder zurdo. “Zurdo”, to the best of my knowledge, is the Spanish slang term for a left-handed person and it makes a modicum of sense. In English, a leftie is known as a southpaw. This comes from the fact that in most pre-1990 baseball stadiums, a left-handed pitcher would have his throwing arm facing south (The Straight Dope does a better job of untangling the origins of this term). In Spanish, “south” is sur, which, with a tiny change to the pronunciation, comes out as zur.

Isn’t linguistics fun?

As you will no doubt notice, to read the next page of the paper, you had to turn the left-hand side of the page. This is how the whole paper is laid out and it was quite the ingenious tip of the left-handed hat to ten percent of the global population.

Inside, the paper had articles about famous lefties (soccer player Messi, President Barack Obama, singer/songwriter Paul McCartney) and products designed specifically for lefties (scissors, notebooks, keyboards, etc.).

There was no mention of the left-handed Whopper.


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  1. Love the left-handed newspaper. Left-handed computer mouse saved my sanity.

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