Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Day 332 – June 18, 2012

WordPress has announced the theme for this week and it is “merge“. One of the tips given by the creator of this theme is to “…try placing an object where it does not belong.”

Now I cannot take credit for placing this object where it should not belong. That dubious honor goes to my middle child. While kicking around a bouncy ball in our backyard on this Monday afternoon, he became a tad too rambunctious and booted it high into the air. Our yard is surrounded by high brick walls and every so often an object of play (ball, Frisbee, shuttlecock, etc.) would find its way over the wall and into one of our neighbor’s yard. Most of the time, those lost items wound its way back into our yard (we have pleasant neighbors even if we haven’t met them all), but there was always a lag in time between loss and recovery.

As I watched the mustard-colored orb arc towards the wall, I closed my eyes not wanting to watch another object be lost for a while.

However, that is not what happened as the ball landed here instead…

Ball in electric fence

Thumbs Up, I’m Okay

Yep, that’s an electric fence.

This ball is most definitely NOT where it belongs.

The epilogue to this story is that I was able to extricate the ball from its high voltage ledge and return it to my eager and active kids. (Thankfully, no bloggers were harmed in that operation.)

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