A Sunday Afternoon in the Infantil Parque

Day 401 – August 26, 2012

For a day – and thankfully on a weekend – the winter sky of Lima threw off its usual grey cloak of clouds and decided to let the sun make an appearance.

Well, to be honest, I have no idea if the seaside portion of the city or if the historic downtown section of Lima received sun. All I know is that our district of the City of Kings saw Sol and that’s good enough for me.

To celebrate this wonderous occasion of seeing our solar system’s star in the sky, I took our daughter to our neighborhood park – the one that was recently renovated.

We started off our park stay by enjoying a quick snack of fried dough. Now, a vendor of churros and yuquitas doesn’t want to put any old image on their kiosk to attract attention. No, this is Peru and as I have written before, The Simpsons are big in Peru so this cart selling fried dough was no surprise.

Cart selling churros and yuquitas in Peru


Our park contains a variety of play equipment for the little ones including those devices that kids can sit on and bounce back-and-forth (oh, I’m sure they have a real scientific name), slides, hopscotch courses, and a mini-golf course.

Scene in park in Lima, Peru

Fun in the winter sun

On weekends, the park also contains stands for other things for kids to do. There is a face-painting kiosk (a bit hit with our daughter), a table for children to do origami, and (below) a place to make some crafts.

Craft table in park in Lima, Peru

Mickey and Minnie say “hi”.

Our daughter took this opportunity to flex her creativity. At the arts table, she painted a piggy bank for herself where she can house the few nuevo soles that she has.

Piggy bank

And this little piggy came home

All in all, a wonderful way to spend a winter day in August.


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