A Toothy Similarity

Day 286 – May 3, 2012

I have spent the vast majority of this blogging year discussing the differences between living in Peru and the United States.

I’ve talked about office supply vendors on the street, the unluckiest of days, the proper disposal of toilet paper in public restrooms, and the whole langauge thing…just to name a few.

However, this e-space will be taken up with discussing a moment of similarity between life in the City of Kings and life in the Lower 48.

Our eldest child has braces which were placed on his teeth quite professionally by our orthodontist in Virginia. When our family landed in Peru, we began the hunt for a tooth-doctor who could continue our child’s metallic dental care. After a search of a few months, we found an orthodontist we are quite happy with. Also, much to my great relief, he does speak English.

Today, our eldest was having his monthly tune-up. As I was biding my time while he was in the chair, I realized that this Peruvian edition of a waiting room bore several similarities to a State-side…uh, what is a synonym for “waiting room”.

In no particular order, I felt perfectly at home in this Peruvian waiting room because…

…I wasn’t seen on time (despite having made my appointment last month);
…the magazines on the table were six months out of date (Holy guacamole, Demi and Ashton have split!); and
…adult contemporary music was being piped in (ah, the comforting sounds of Phil Collins).

Nice to know that my time in Peru has not been 100% foreign in nature.


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