Movie Day

Day 415 – September 9, 2012

On this Sunday, all three major Peruvian movie theater chains (Cineplanet, Cinemark, UVK) offered a special deal.

All movies were S/. 5 (a shade under $2) and all 3D movies were half-price (which would be around $3.50).

The Internet websites for these chains gave no indication as to why this ninth day of the ninth month was to be dedicated to bargain-priced movie tickets.

Later, when I had the opportunity to ask my Spanish teacher – my primary go-to source for Peruvian culture – about this day, she simply told me that the second Sunday in September is Dia Del Cine (“Movie Day”), but could provide no further information.

Later later, when I spoke to our gardener – now my secondary source for Peruvian knowledge – he explained to me that Dia Del Cine was an annual promotion put together by the movie chains (or the government…I never pinned that down) so that poorer children could afford to see movies.

That’s pretty nice.

The family and I took that opportunity to see some movies. My lovely wife and daughter saw the animated film from Germany called Animals United. Although, in Spanish the title was changed (as often happens) to Animales al Ataque (“Animals to Attack”).

My two boys and I saw El Caballero de la Noche Asciende (known in English as “The Dark Knight Rises”). Now, since that movie had been out in Peru for over a few weeks, we had to see the movie dubbed in Spanish and without subtitles. As what often happens to me when I watch a movie dubbed, I probably missed about half of the conversations that took place between the characters. On the flip side, action sequences need no translation as an explosion or a punch to the gut sounds the same in English as it does in Spanish.

However, there were two aspects to this move that were unique to me because I did see the dubbed version.

a) The voice of the Spanish version of Christian Bale does not become all gravelly and throaty when he is Batman. Apparently, this has been a concern.


b) The dialogue from Bane was actually understandable. Apparently, this was a concern.


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