Travel Theme: Texture

Day 240 – March 18, 2012

I have decided to try a new “weekly photo challenge” website and my latest offering comes from the enjoyable blog Where’s My Backpack?

For this Friday, the theme of the week is texture.

For my answer, I will be going back to a post I did earlier this week where I wrote about a McDonald’s being built.

Six months ago, before this locale would be in the fabrication stage, the previous structure needed to be demolished. In March of this year, while the building was in the midst of slowly being demolished, I took this picture which I believe shows off the fine texture of brick.

Deconstruction of building in Lima, Peru

Brick-a-brick-a-brick-a-brick….It’s fun!

I might have another post on this subject, but buildings in Peru do not go up quickly. They take a good deal of time.

In case, you’re wondering about the caption to this picture, you can jump to here…and enjoy another Phineas and Ferb reference (I do so like that show).


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  1. I think I’d rather see this stay than a MacDonalds rise up

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