Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Day 034 – August 25, 2011

The nice thing about this week’s theme from WordPress, “everyday life“, is that any picture will do because any picture can be about everyday life.

Around the globe, every day revolves around work in one fashion or another, and Peru is no exception.

Workers in Lima, Peru

Planting grass in Lima, Peru

My answer to this week’s challenge shows a group of municipal workers planting – by hand – grass on a traffic island on a busy street near Lima, Peru. They will spend the larger part of two weeks on their knees doing this job working their way down this particular median. Then they will hop on over to the next traffic island and continue. All the while, they are on their knees, breathing in exhaust from the multitude of taxis and combis, and only taking the noontime hour for lunch (which they enjoy on the same patch of land that they have been working on).

Come the next beginning of Spring (which in the Southern Hemisphere is September), they will do it all over again.


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  1. Very nice shot. A lot of everyday life for a lot of people is rough-going. Easy to forget.

  2. wow that is hard life , makes me grateful for the job I do

  3. Wow – there’s a turf farm not far from where I live, outside of Seattle. I’ll have to remember these people next time I drive by. I did plenty of tedious work myself as a gardener, but never in an environment like this! Glad you posted.

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