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  1. I didn’t notice the logo at first, since the Starfleet emblem blended into the background. How funny – and very enterprising! A bit of trivia: both the rental carcompany and Roddenberry’s ship were named in honor of the USS Enterprise, one of the most decorated ships in the US Navy. Founder of Enterprise rental company served on the Enterprise during WWII. Dont know about Roddenberry’s inspiration, but it was Trekkies who petitioned the President to name the first space shuttle after the Star Trek Enterprise!

    • Thanks for the info. I’m not sure either where Roddenberry got his inspiration from. I was able to see the Space Shuttle Enterprise when it was housed at the Smithsonian Air & Space Annex by Dulles Airport. It now resides at the Intrepid Air & Space Museum in New York.

      • I alwayys wanted to see a space shuttle launch. Waited for 5-6 hours once, on a cold, rainy day before the launch was scrubbed. Maybe sometime when I’m in NYC I’ll see it up close at the Intrepid. I’ve been there before but not since it was revamped a few years ago, though I did watch them tug ithe Intrepid out of the harbor from my office in Jersey on its way for repairs.

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