Springtime and Sunday

Day 429 – September 23, 2012

The equinox has arrived and spring has come to Peru.

In appreciation for this change of seasons, the sun actually made an apperance on this Sunday which gave a little bit of heat and warmth on our trip down the “Healthy Road“.

As I walked along the car-free road, I saw people learning a dance…

People practicing a dance in Peru

This is the marinera, I believe

…classic cars…

Classic cars in Peru

Yes, those are fuzzy dice in the car in the background


Sun gazers in Peru

Yes, protective lenses in use

…people playing on the exercise equipment

People on exercise equipment in Peru


…and, in a sure sign winter is over, the yellow ice cream wagons are out.

Ice cream vendor in Peru

He’s probably waiting for the people to stop playing on the exercise equipment

This is not a sure sign of spring, but (and be honest here) when is the last time you saw a poster advertising a concert by Europe.

Europe poster in Peru

The tour is called “Bag of Bones”. Self-deprecating, perhaps?

Now, if you will excuse me…

Bounce house in Peru

Whee! again

…there is a bouncy-house calling my grade-school daughter.


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sinpolaris is the psuedonym of a guy who likes to write.

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