We Apologize For the Noise

Day 432 – September 26, 2012

We have a new member of the family at our house.

No, much to our children’s eternal dismay, it is not a dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, or any of the other dozens of types pet they want to grace our household.

No, the latest addition to our home comes courtesy of our middle child’s sudden (and, truth be told, completely unexpected) interest in band.

Damas y caballeros, I present to you…Rusty!


Now my child can really toot his own horn

Rusty comes courtesy of our School’s band class. Our middle child could have picked the saxophone, clarinet, or cymbals, but he was drawn to this marvel of metallic engineering.

Just note how the light barely and imperceptibly glistens off the oxidizing brass.

Son with trumpet

Now he needs a cool nickname, like “Satchmo”

I can only suppose that this is some form of karmic justice. When I was a lad, at an age even younger than our middle child is now, I too took up the trumpet in my school’s band. As I tortured the ears of my poor parents with my honking and bleating, now I (and our neighbors) must withstand the blares and noise coming from this rusted instrument.

Then again, maybe this is how Herb Alpert started out.


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  1. There’s always the slim hope that if his talent doesn’t blossom soon that perhaps some early hearing loss will set in, right?

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