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Day 443 – October 7, 2012

Last month, I took pictures of a McDonald’s restaurant that was in the middle of being built. I did this in response to a quote making the rounds on the Internet from actor David Tennant where he said he never saw a McDonald’s or Burger King being constructed.

When I took that picture in September, I had been told that the fast-food establishment would be ready for business in two months.

Well, it actually took less than a month. Here’s your updated photo.

New McDonald's in La Molina, Peru

As a comparison, a Bembos hamburger joint just down the road was gutted three months ago, but it still looks like this.

Bembos under construction in La Molina, Peru

Day 456 – October 20, 2012

Last month, I wrote about a small incident that showed the influence of the Japanese culture here in Peru.

Here is another sample.

While cruising through the snack aisle of our local grocery store, I came across this item and had to buy it to experience the taste.

Package of cuttlefish snacks

Note: Picture not taken in snack aisle

Yes, who hasn’t had a hankering for some cuttlefish?

Now while the package does say these snacks are cuttlefish-flavored, the seafood purist should take heart because one of the ingredient is indeed from the Order Sepiida.

Ingredients of cuttlefish snack

After tasting them, I can tell you these salty tidbits are Cephalopodelicious.

Day 451 – October 15, 2012

Last month, I wrote about the dollar falling in relation to the Peruvian currency, the nuevo sole (S/.) .

In that post, I wrote about how I was receiving a financial education about supply, demand, and currency exchange rates.

My education has now spilled over to my children.

A month after my original comments on the greenback’s plummet, the fall of the dollar continues as its exchange rate is now S/. 2.551 to the dollar.

This week, our grade-school daughter opened her mouth to show us the beginning of a wiggly loose tooth. When we told her that she should expect the same arrangement from the Tooth Fairy that her brother did when he lost a tooth (a dollar’s worth of the Peruvian currency), she countered with an alternative deal.

She said she would like one dollar (American) because she had heard me and my lovely wife talking about the falling exchange rate. She realized she would only see S/. 2.5 under her pillow instead of the S/. 2.7 her brother received.

It was a valiant try, but she still awoke to find S/. 2.5. Sorry, but The Tooth Fairy, Inc. is not a non-profit outfit.


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  1. Just seems to me that with all those tentacles, they ought to be called cuddlefish instead.

    Delicious either way, of course (Now I want some calamari dammit!)

    • I once tricked my older son into eating calamari. I knew he wouldn’t eat squid if I told him what it was so when the fried delicacy came to our table, I told him they were onion rings. It only took him one bite of the appetizer to realize what he’d been had. Four years later, he still reminds me of my trickery.

      • My mom did something similar to me except it was to pass off liver as a salisbury steak. Of course, it was also partly my fault for setting myself up by saying, “Can I have a bite of your hamburger patty?”

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