A Post for the Senses

Day 459 – October 23, 2012

Quick bites for today…

On one of my favorite radio stations in Peru, I heard the Blues Brothers rendition of “Rubber Biscuit”.

I had never heard this funny little ditty over the airwaves.

Chalk up another first for me here in Peru.

In my local grocery store, the Christmas trees, ornaments,  and other decorations are already up.

I don’t know when the holiday greenery is showing up in the States circa 2012, but two months before December 25 is far too soon.

Our house awash in the smell of cooking garlic courtesy of the fabulous cooking skills of our empleada.

I actually enjoy this odor so I can’t wait to taste what we’re having for dinner tonight.

Before my Spanish class, I took a moment to enjoy one of my favorite snacks. It’s not cuttlefish, but in my opinion it’s even better.

They’re chocolate-flavored saltine crackers.

Don’t knock ’em until you’ve tried ’em (and my inaugural taste of those mini-delights was another first for me).

Sitting on my left wrist, touching my skin with its constant pressure, is a wristwatch. My timepiece is a combination of analog and digital. For a shade over a year, the hands of my watch have been stuck at 11:06.27 AM.

Here’s why.

Last September, my watch needed a new battery. I went to our local grocery store where there is a small kiosk selling watch batteries and offering repair services. The gentleman who swapped out the old power source for a new one did something to the internal mechanism stopping its movement. Despite my pleas for the repairman to fix his mistake, he (as best I can guess with my poor Spanish skills) assured me that the hands were broken when I came to his kiosk. I have gone back to that mini-shop (when the first guy wasn’t there) and other places to have the watch repaired, but to no avail. I can still tell time because the digital portion still functions.

At least, the analog portion is right twice a day.


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