Books on the Ovalo

Day 427 – September 21, 2012

Today (Sep. 21) was designated as Dia del Libro (“Day of the Book”) (or perhaps it was Dia de la Biblioteca, “Day of the Library”…my memory is hazy on the actual term).

The local free newspaper, Publimetro, gave today its bookish designation and they asked their readers to take pictures of their favorites books around Lima.

This was my entry, which was not published in the paper or on the paper’s Facebook site, but here it is in all its sublime glory.

Books at Ovala Monitor

These are three books that are on my current reading list. Since today is the birthday of Stephen King, I thought I would include his work Under The Dome in my tableaux.

James Joyce’s Ulysses joins this picture as his work is my latest entry in my attempt to read a lengthy classic of literature. Past accomplishments include Moby-Dick and War and Peace (my unsolicited advice is to skip the book by Melville and instead rent a copy of the movie with Gregory Peck as Ahab).

I am a fan of science fiction so that is why The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi is in this scene. In addition, it came highly recommended as the book has won both the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award (which are both giant prizes in the sci-fi literature community).

My photo takes place in a roundabout called Ovalo Monitor, but which also goes by the nickname The Circle of Death.

The few number of cars seen in this snapshot does little justice to how crowded and jammed this stretch of asphalt can become. Simply take my word for it. This ovalo is full of traffic when the sun is up (and even when down).

The column in the middle contains a statue in honor of Peruvian Admiral Miguel Grau and his action during the Battle of Angamos. You can click on the links and find out more about this naval officer and battle courtesy of Wikipedia.

This is where this post was going to stop, but as I hung around Ovalo Monitor trying to line up the perfect shot of books, statue, and traffic, an interesting sight caught my eyes.

Parked around the ovalo were a few official-looking vehicles that looked, at first glance, to be police cars. This was not all that surprising because many accidents take place in this roundabout due to the high congestion. I figured it certainly saved time for the police to have an officer stationed in the circle where fender benders occur daily.

My first glance was wrong. The vehicles I saw were not police, but were cars from insurance agencies. Since so many accidents happen here, it makes sense for the various insurers to simply post their employees on this road to take pictures, write down names, and do whatever else it is they do. I’m guessing they don’t have to wait long before two cars collide into each other.

I wonder if these insurance agents bring a good book with them.


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