Light and Dark

Day 050 – September 10, 2011

There’s such balance in nature. For every snippet of sunshine, there is a shadow.

This Saturday marked a milestone. It was the first time, since our arrival in late July (fifty days ago, for those of you who neglected to read the header of this here post), that the sun has made an appearance before noon.

At around 10am, good ol’ Sol muscled its way through the clouds and delivered its rays to our wonderful suburb of Lima. To celebrate this wonderful achievement, I donned a Hawaiian shirt. My inaugural floral vestment (bright red, white flowers) certainly turns heads here in Peru. I’m surmising a shirt worthy of Don Ho is a style not seen often in these here parts.

When the sun went down, however, the brightness of the day (and my shirt) faded to black. As black as a lifeless computer monitor.

During the night, I was working on our PC went I noticed its performance began to deteriorate. Web pages were taking longer to load and it was taking longer for the system to respond to common commands like “Save” in Microsoft Word or “Open” in Microsoft Excel. When the performance ground to a halt, I did what every Help Desk operator has advised since the beginning of the computer era – I rebooted my machine.

Because our PC was running so slow, I had to do a hard reboot, which is physically turning off the machine by holding the power switch. Once all the electrons stopped flowing, I turned the machine back on….and nothing.

No lights, no comforting whirring noises of cooling fans coming back to life, no bleeps or bings. Nothing.

The computer, for lack of any techno-jargon term, was dead.

How it comes back to life is a story for another day – and a day with sun.


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sinpolaris is the psuedonym of a guy who likes to write.

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