To The Power Of

Days 479, 481, and 482 – November 12, 14, and 15, 2012

The Power of Position
On Monday, my daughter and I played another spirited game of the French card game, Mille Bornes. Over the past few weeks, when we have played this games, we have been seated at our dining room table. This table is a long oval with one end near some windows that open to our backyard and the other end is closer to our kitchen. We have normally been playing at the end by the windows with my back facing a cabinet that contains some curious. On this particular day, the sun was coming in through the windows and making me squint, so I moved our playing area down to the other end of the table.

After two hands and a close score, my grade-school daughter made the following admission. She said, “I like it better when we play in our old spot. There I can see your cards in the mirror behind you.”

Sure enough, the curio cabinet that I previously sat in front of does indeed contain a reflexive glass surface from which my daughter could see the cards in my hands.

She wins points for honesty.

The Power of Font
On Wednesday, the newspaper Peru21, ran a story detailing how Spotify, the Internet music provider, released a study that listed the top twenty songs to play while having sex.

As listed in the Peru21 story, the top five songs are…
Time of My Life from the movie Dirty Dancing,
Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye,
Bolero by Ravel,
Take My Breath Away by Berlin, and
Any Of His Songs by Barry White.

Why I am writing about this story is because of the italics used in the Peru21 story. An italic font is used to denote the name of a song. When this story was translated from English into Spanish, something was lost in the transmogrification. If you look at the discography of Barry White, you will notice there is no such song with the title “Any Of His Songs”.

If you jump over to the actual release from Spotify, you will see that the actual notation for Mr. White is…

Barry White – Anything from his collection”

That’s the power of the italic font.

For anybody in the Peru21 audience who wants to find the song Any of His Songs, they will be somewhat disappointed when all they really needed to was look for any song by Mr. White.

Nice to see that I’m not the only one who has trouble with the whole translation thing.

The Power of the State
On Thursday, I went with out empleada, J, to enroll her in the state-run insurance and retirement program. What I found interesting was one of the documents J needed to bring. It was not that out of the ordinary for her to bring her national identification card that all Peruvians carry. What raised my eyebrow was the requirement that her ID card needed to have the mark on it that showed that she had voted in the last national election. Voting is mandatory in Peru and this is one way the State ensures its citizens vote.

And with an opposite view…
A Power Failure
Lima’s free newspaper, Publimetro, ran a story that shows even fame has its limits.

Lady Gaga is having a concert in Lima next week and the organizers have announced a two-for-one deal. Buy one ticket to the performance and you will receive another ticket free.

According to the story, this is being done because only 15,000 tickets have been sold for the 50,000-seat venue.

Maybe her little monsters (that’s her fan club) need to get on the telephone and get the word out.


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