Clear Logic, Of Course

Day 499 – December 2, 2012

The first part of this story is not the oddest part. The dearth of logic comes later.

Today, we bought a phone from Claro. As befitting a business transaction here in Peru, it was a multi-hour, multi-line affair.

All told, from start to finish, the quest to purchase a portable telecommunications device took four hours.

To recount the entire sordid affair of shuffling from one caja (the literal translation is “box”, but you can think of it as “cashier”) to another would only waste your time and would force us to relive a level of frustration not seen in our family since trying to explain to my oldest son (many years ago) when we was learning to read why certain words in English sound they way do despite their spelling.

A highlight of the incompetence/silliness/tribute to Franz Kafka (take your pick) of the folk who comprise the Claro store at Jockey Plaza was when after moving from Line A to Line B to Line C (an hour of time there) and even after paying, we were told at Line D that the system had lost our information and we would need to go back to Line C for a refund and then start again, but this time at Line G.

At Line G, just for grins and giggles, that cashier, for some reason, needed a different set of information and data about us then what the worker at Line A needed.

As I said before, that ordeal was not the oddest part of the story because bureaucratic snafus and time-wasting queues are, sadly, de rigueur in Peru.

No, the most senseless part of the entire day was when we were offered a special promotion with the phone. We were given the option of selecting two other Claro phone numbers of friends or family to be put on a “Preferred List”. This meant that this new phone could call that other pair of numbers free of charge.

The catch was (and there’s always a catch, is there not?) was that while the call was gratis, the Claro network would automatically terminate the call after ten minutes.

)and the forehead slap goes here(

Makes perfect sense here.


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  1. Maddening, isn’t it? You go through the whole illogical, inefficient process. Then, if the gods are truly against you, you might need to return your what-should-have-been-a-simple purchase. Returns policy? A refund? Nope. Never heard of such a thing.

    Either you laugh or you cry (or a little of both).

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