Photo Friday: Men

Day xxx – Various Dates, 2012

Courtesy of Photo Friday, the photographic theme for this week is men.

Cue The Weather Girls for it is raining men…and with this being Lima — which has a lack of measurable precipitation — it would be more accurate to say it’s merely drizzling men.

We start this photo montage with a man of action. I managed to capture this hombre doing a good impression of a groundhog as he emerged from his duties under the streets of Lima to check on some reading (or a text from his jefe)…

Telecommunication worker in Peru

Man At Work

All work and no play makes Juan a dull boy so our next snapshot shows some guys enjoying some fun courtesy of Peru’s municipalities. This city-run skatepark is located in Miraflores. The man in the center is riding some form of all-terrain skateboard that had difficulty on the half-pipes but shredded on the ramps.

Skateboarder in Miraflores, Peru

Men Without Hats

Summer is drawing nigh and that means the weather is heating up. When that happens, the yellow tricycles hawking confections from D’Onofrio come out of hibernation. You hear them before you see them because all the D’Onofrio sellers blow a whistle that has a distinctive sound. Sort of like the Good Humor Man, but with a duck whistle instead of a calliope.

Ice cream seller in Peru

Man In the Yellow Hat

Back to Miraflores for this next photo and one of the options available to the tourist (or local) strolling along the Malecon (the boardwalk area of Miraflores) is to take to the skies. There is a bluff in this area that serves as a launching point for paragliders to use the ocean breezes to soar into the Peruvian skies. The picture below shows a pair of men ready to fly solo, but there are paragliders built for two where a paying passenger can hitch a ride with the more experienced aviator. No one in our family has tried this option, but they are fun to watch.

Paragliders in Miraflores, Peru

Fly Like an Eagle

Finally, there was nothing in the post from Photo Friday that maintained that the men for this theme had to be human. Submitted for your final perusal is a picture that was taken at the Islas Ballestas, part of the Paracas National Reserve.

Wildlife at Paracas Natural Reserve

Not Seal

A beautiful, but loud, sight as the sea lions jostled their way on the beach to find the best territory. The male with the most prized real estate would increase his chance of passing on his Y chromosome to the next generation.


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