Road Reading

Day 528 – December 31, 2012

As New Year’s Eve moves into New Year’s Day, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you one last observation I had about living in Peru for 2012.

This nugget about life in Peru came while at a stoplight one morning a few weeks ago. Looking around at all of the other cars, it dawned on me that none of the privately owned vehicles had any bumper stickers. After having that realization and after realizing that I was basing my judgement on only one point in space and time, I began to take notice of the bumpers of all the other cars around me.

Sure enough, my initial impression was correct: The vast mass majority of Peruvian drivers (at least in Lima) do not have bumper stickers on their vehicles. Because of this absence, I am at a loss to determine who is a proud parent of what honor roll student, what the driver’s other car is, what they would rather be doing than driving, or what their political preference is.

The sole exception to this gross generalization are the taxis, but only then the bumper stickers that adorn these compact cars are advertisements for local radio stations.

The other sole exception (“other sole”…sounds like that came from the Department of Oxymorons) is that some privately owned cars have the decals on their back window that show their particular combination of dad, mom, kids, and/or pets. I only bring it up so I can link to this funny (IMHO) comic from xkcd.

And with that…I wish you a happy and healthy dos-mil-trece (It’s how you say the year “2013” in Spanish).


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