Nowhere near Kansas

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the family and I went on a nine-day cruise off the eastern shoreline of South America. We started in Brazil and in fact the majority of the passengers and a large portion of the crew were from that large country.

That last sentence was just the set-up for this query…

How can you tell you are on a Brazilian ship?

Because when the Super Bowl was being held on February 3 while we were at sea, the cruise line did not broadcast the game between the Ravens and the 49ers. No TV anywhere on the floating vessel – not in the cabins, not in the sports bar, not on the giant video screen by the pool – showed the teams coached by the Brothers Harbaugh battling it out.

However, a few days later, when Brazil played England in a friendly soccer game…that contest was shown on every available screen. Even the giant video display by the pool.

By the way, England won 2-1 much to the dismay of 98% of the passengers.

About sinpolaris

Xavier Humes is the psuedonym of an American living in Bangkok, Thailand, with his wife and family. That's about all's ya need to know concerning me...except to enjoy the posts.

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