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The presenting of the Academy Awards are nigh upon us.

With that in mind, I wanted to take this portion of my blog space and let you know how the names of the nine nominees for Best Picture were translated into Spanish. I have written before (here and here) about the odd twists and turns translations can wreak upon movies, so here we go again.

Of the nine films vying for the Oscar statuette and title of Best Picture, two of the titles underwent no modification. This was probably because they were proper names and those don’t translate too well. Those movies were Argo and Lincoln.

There are a pair of movies that did not have English titles. Here in Peru, for whatever reason, the powers-that-be did not keep the original name and did translate them into Spanish. The first was Les Miserables which is showing at our local Lima cineplex under the name Los Miserables. The second was Amour, which was been rebranded to Amor.

One movie was only slight changed and its translation doesn’t suffer much. Django Unchained was transmogrified into Django Sin Cadenas (Django Without Chains).

The remaining trio of translated titles had their meanings completely shuffled when the name is changed from English to Spanish and back to English.

Zero Dark Thirty became La Noche Mas Oscura (The Darkest Night).
To buy a ticket to see Life of Pi, one has to ask for Una Aventura Extraordinaria (An Extraordinary Adventure).
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence do not star in Silver Linings Playbook, but instead top the marquee for Los Juegos Del Destino (The Games of Destiny).

Astute readers will notice that I have only written about eight movies. The final movie vying for the Oscar has not been released in Peru. However, even when the local newspapers write about this movie for their articles about the Academy Awards, the writers do not translate the title into Spanish. For whatever reason, the newspapers refer to this movie by its English moniker, Beasts of the Southern Wild.

If this cinematic gem comes to Peru, I will let you know what title it appears as.

I’d say more, but I fear the music is about to cut me off right about here.


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