When Art Imitates Life

March 10, 2013 – Day 597

On this Sunday, we had a cultural outing. I had seen that an art gallery located in the heart of downtown Lima was having a unique showing and I wanted to take the family along. Entitled…well, why let me write it when I can show you the actual brochure…

From Picasso to Banksy

From Picasso to Banksy

In the Galeria Municipal de arte Pancho Fierro – located footsteps away from the Presidential Palace – there were about forty pieces of art that were all from the collection Jose Tola, a Peruvian painter.

Owning original pieces of work from the two namesakes of this exhibition was amazing enough, but there was more. Here was one of the pieces on display by the English-based graffiti artist, Banksy.

Banksy Dorothy Stop and Search

Banksy Dorothy Stop and Search

Along with the Picasso are some other names you might have heard of…

A Fearsome Foursome

A Fearsome Foursome

In the upper-left is Pablo Picasso’s Nature Morte. That’s a Miro in the lower-left corner and a Dali in the lower-right of this picture. In the upper-right, to complete this quartet, is a piece by Sonia Delaunay.

There were also works by Magritte, Warhol, and Shepard Fairey. Although, in an odd twist, the labels of Fairey’s pieces had his name listed as “Shepard Fairey.Obey”. I’m wondering if someone knew about Mr. Fairey’s first well-known piece of street art, The OBEY sticker campaign, and thought it was his last name. Since I don’t have Sr. Tola’s phone number, I’ll never know.

However, this post is about an interesting bit of timing I saw while at the gallery. There was one work by the Spanish collection artists known as Equipo Cronica, which looks like this…

Lady under glass

Lady under glass

This creative work is known as Mariana y las moscas (Mariana and the Flies). If you look closely at the picture, you can see that there are painted flies all over the painted subject of the painting. But wait…what’s that on the right part of the frame?

It's a pop-up

It’s a pop-up

Yep, it’s a fly on a frame about a painting about flies.

Considering this was an exhibit about modern art and street art, it would not have surprised me that this insect was glued onto the frame. However, after about ten seconds, the fly took off and went to see the Lichtenstein.


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