Fashion Season

April 9, 2013 – Day 627

Two items of note concerning fashion…

Signs of the Season

The calendar down here south of the Equator says fall (or otono) but that autumnal season has yet to arrive. One way I know this is that the high temperatures for these days has hovered around the upper seventies.

The other sure sign that summer still has its hooks in Lima has to do with feet. As of this date in April, I still the vast majority of women in the Peruvian capital wearing sandals. A definite barometer that the winds and weather have changed is when women switch from open-toed shoes to boots.

This Southern Hemisphere-ical seasonal change of style is similar to the end-of-winter/start-of-spring phenomenon observed in the Northern Hemisphere with the pants/shorts worn by UPS delivery people.

“And We’re Coming to Town”

This week has seen the start of LIF – otherwise known as Lima in Fashion Week – a five-day festival of all things sartorial. As with anything fashion-related, there are events where designers can showcase their latest creations.

Please allow me to share with you three items designed by Elfer Castro that were examples of clothes inspired by the Incas. This trio of photographs were in today’s El Comercio as part of a special supplemental about LIF.

Not sure what this is #1

Not sure what this is #1

Not sure what this is #2

Not sure what this is #2

Bank robber or runway model?

Bank robber or runway model?

Part of me is quite content to know that odd fashion is not limited to Paris.


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