Park of the Fountains

March 28, 2013 – Day 615

Over the Semana Santa (Holy Week) holiday during the Thursday and Friday before Easter, our family took the opportunity to visit some sights around Lima that we had not yet seen.

High on that list was the Parque de la Reserva (Park of the Reserve). Completed in 1929, this public green space was built to honor those who fought in the battles of San Juan and Miraflores during the War of the Pacific (1879 – 1883) where Peru and Bolivia fought against Chile.

As a side note, and to highlight the fact that some folks are still steamed over the outcome of that conflict (over a century+a score+a decade ago), the government of Bolivia has gone to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to obtain the coastal land it lost to Chile.

In other ICJ news, Peru and Chile are awaiting the Court’s ruling on Peru’s petition to redraw the maritime boundary between their two countries.

However, all of that judicial and military maneuvering flowed to the back of our minds as we enjoyed a lovely evening walking around the park’s signature feature, El Circuito Mágico del Agua (The Magic Water Tour).

The tour is a series of a baker’s dozen of distinct and different fountains. Each one is numbered and named.


The Tour is best seen at night when the floodlights makes the dancing waters sparkle. We arrived near dusk.

Fuente de la Cupula Visitable

Fuente de la Cupula Visitable

I also learned a valuable lesson for tourists. I learned that one needs to make sure that the battery in the digital camera is charged up before going on an outing. Sadly, I neglected to check the level of electric charge in my trusty camera and so right after I took the above picture, I was greeted with the “Recharge battery” message.

Ignoring the mocking green letters on my camera’s screen, I was able to squeeze out a few more images (seen below) before my camera truly gave up it lithium-ion ghost.


My apologies for the grainy, fuzzy nature of these photos. I’d like to say that I used some sort of Instagram filter on them, but as I said before, I had little battery life and so I only had a few seconds to turn the camera on and take whatever shot I could before my camera died.

Fuente Magica

Fuente Magica

The above fountain, Fuente Magica, is the tallest of the thirteen. People are not allowed in it, but that doesn’t mean the fine folk of Lima couldn’t enjoy a cool blast of water on a March evening.

Fuente Laberinto de Ensueno

Fuente Laberinto de Ensueno

Two days later, we went from the wet to the dry as we visited Caral.


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