Chips and Fish in Peru

May 30, 2013 – Day 678

I don’t know what the image looks like where you are, but here in Peru the homepage of Google is as below…

Doodle Tubers

Doodle Tubers

The reason for this Google Doodle is that today in Peru is the National Day of the Potato (Dia Nacional de la Papa).

Potato domestication was invented in Peru so the citizens are naturally proud of their tuber heritage. Depending on who you ask, there are 3,000 (according to our tour guide in Puno) or 3,500 (according to a local free newspaper, Publimetro) or 4,000 (according to our guide at our culinary tour of Lima) varieties of potatoes grown in Peruvian soil.

My last thought concerning potatoes revolves around me and langauge. I would assert that one of the last (and most difficult) aspects of grasping a new tongue is the concept of humor. There is such nuance in puns and wordplay that a student of a new langauge can be forgiven if they never fully grasp the wit of their studied language.

I am in no way making the assertion that I have mastered humor in Spanish, but I was humored to see that I was able to make a pun back in March that I saw repeated today in Publimetro.

When Pope Francis I was named th new Pontiff a few months ago, I tweeted this…

Thank you, Jack Dorsey

Thank you, Jack Dorsey

I am playing off the Latin “Habemus Papam”, which is the Latin announcement, “We have a Pope.” As I wrote about earlier, “Papa” is Spanish for Pope, but it is also the Spanish word for “potato”. I thought it was clever pun.

Well, so did the folks over at the free newspaper, Publimetro, because this was their headline on today’s front page…

Solanum tuberosum gets the front page treatment

Solanum tuberosum gets the front page treatment

I don’t, however, see any white smoke coming from that bowl.

Moving on and now that I’ve mentioned the “chips” part, you may be asking why is there “fish” in the title of today’s post?

That’s because on this Thursday AM I once again had the thrill of experiencing that “fishy smell” that I first encountered back in January of 2012.

I do so enjoy this place.


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