Wrapping Up: Bookends

June 20, 2013 – Day 699

My apologies for not posting recently, but the Family has been in the process of wrapping up our stay here in Lima.

Our two years in Peru’s capital is rapidly coming to an end and that means packing, throwing out stuff, filling out forms, tying up loose ends, and preparing for our next grand adventure.

This past week has seen me thinking about bookends. When telling a story, “bookending” means that themes or motifs that appear at the beginning of the tale also show up at the end. Such is what is happening with me as we wind down our South American travels.

On Sunday, Father’s Day, the family and I went out to lunch at Tanta at Jockey Plaza, the mall we visited on our second day in Lima. At that meal to celebrate Dia de la Papa, I had aji de gallina, which is one of the first truly Peruvian culinary creations that I enjoyed.

On the next day, the movers came and took away the majority of our possessions so that they could be placed on a boat (and hopefully a fast-moving vessel) to Thailand. So our domicile is in the same empty spacious condition it was in when we first moved in. We do have a working computer and stable access to the Internet (hence this blog post) so the big difference between then and now is that our kids aren’t flexing their creativity as they did back in 2011 but then again they still have school so their days are full.

On Tuesday, my lovely wife and I had lunch at a new restaurant that opened up in our section of Lima. While we enjoyed our beverages and I was appreciating my lomo soltado, the eatery began to shake. Turns out, Lima was in the middle of an 4.6 earthquake. It had been some time since the Peruvian capital had been hit by a tremor, but back in August of 2011, just after our arrival, the city was shaken by a 7.0 quake.

To round out this bookend of a post, I had my last lunch at Bembos, the Peruvian hamburger chain that I first sampled on our first full day in Peru. My burger did have an egg on it, but, sadly, the condiment dispenser was broken so I had to do without the fabulous aji sauce that I have grown to relish here.

Not a bad week…and a great two years.

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  1. Wow! Time flies so fast when you get to this middle-age part of life. Didn’t realize it had been TWO years already. And now, off to Thailand? Goodness. I’m guessing you AND your wife will have to pick up new language skills this time, eh?

    • Langauge is just one of our issues moving to Bangkok. Kudos go to our middle child who has already downloaded an app to learn the script and basic words. Ah, youth (and technology).

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