Wrapping Up: Photograph

December 19, 2011 – Day 150

In our final days here in Peru, the majority of our belongings are in cardboard boxes and wending its way to our next location. One of those items is our main computer. In addition to being our gateway to the Internet, our desktop PC is also the repository of our digital photographs since 2008. Because our PC is in the hands of movers, I am unable to access the trove of pictures I have accumulated since arriving in Lima.

However, I do have one photograph about life in Lima that I am so proud of that I actually use it as the wallpaper for the laptop that I am currently using. I searched through this website and discovered that – as far as I can tell – I have not offered it up for your enjoyment.

Now I have talked about paragliding before (see here and here and here) and how the Miraflores section of Lima has an area specifically reserved for those daring aerial acrobats to take tourists up in the Peruvian sky.

What I have not shared before is this photo…

Up in the air, junior birdman...

Up in the air, junior birdman…

What I like about this snapshot is the fact that only can you see a pair of paragliders and a slight sliver of the Pacific Ocean, but I also managed to capture the black-and-white lighthouse that towers over the coast of Miraflores.


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