Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusal POV

June 26, 2013 – Post-Peru Day 003

An Unusual Point of View (or POV) is the theme this week for WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

One of the hints given by the author of WordPress challenge is to take a familiar subject and frame it in a new way. That is the path I have chosen with a photograph I took of an iconic object.

On our third day out of Peru (and, coincidentally, our third day in Mexico), the family and I soaked up the culture as we visited the Museo Nacional de Antropoliga (as seen previously in this photo challenge).

One of the main artifacts housed in this museum is the Aztec Stone of the Sun. Often mischaracterized as a calendar, this gigantic slab of stone resides on a dias in the most prominent part of the museum. It sits by itself and museum patrons are free to walk up to it, but not to touch as the artifact is not protected by any glass.

To obtain a different perspective for one of my shots of the Stone of the Sun, I positioned myself near the entrance and put another stone artifact square in the foreground.


I chose this photo for this week’s challenge because placing the Stone of the Sun in the background fools the eye. The carved circle is twelve feet in diameter, but this shot does not convey that scale. A clue as to its true size is to notice the couple (man in white shirt, woman in sleeveless dress) standing to the right of the Stone of the Sun. They are up on the dias looking at the piece, but they are only half its size.

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