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Field Trip Strike Out

Day 082 – October 12, 2011

I’m not sure where I should file this under.

Should I place this item in the bin entitled…

a) Signs you definitely know you are in Peru;

b) Things I never had to deal with in middle school; or

c) Events that only broaden my son’s experience and will give him interesting stories to tell when he is college.

(Technically, I could have offered up option d) “Miscellaneous”, because when you truly think about, everything and anything can be filed under “Misc”.)

Our oldest son, in eighth grade, was scheduled to go on a field trip next week with his School into downtown Lima to see the cultural, historical, and political sites.

The field trip was cancelled because it was scheduled on the anniversary of the foundation of one Peru’s labor unions of construction workers and there were fears that there would be public protests and demonstrations in the heart of the city.


Just so you don’t arrive at the wrong conclusion that the School was being a “Nervous Nancy”, here’s a news story about a protest in Lima from October of this year.