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Photo Friday: Modern Life

Day 152 – December 21, 2011

It’s not Modern Family.
It’s not Modern Living.
It’s not “Modern Love“.

Modern life is this week’s theme from Photo Friday and I think I have a good representation of this idea.

On this December, my lovely wife and I travelled to our children’s School to attend a holiday concert.

When my parents were at a school concert and their parents wanted to record their performance for posterity, they had to use either 8mm film cameras or bulky audio tape recorders.

When I was in high school working the boards in the drama department, my parents had video camera at their disposal to record my acting prowess.

When my kids were younger, our family used digital cameras to record and remember all their darling off-key singing.

This is what parents use these days…

Parents holding up iPads at holiday concert

Look at the pinhole and smile

Truly fascinating how far technology has come around, but the concept is still the same. Proud parents (blocking the view of other parents) trying to capture forever their kids as kids before they grow up.