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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Day 212 – February 19, 2012

Together is the theme of this week’s photo challenge from WordPress.

My photographic offering for the theme once again takes me to our February outing to the Peruvian portion of the Amazon jungle (previous posts include here and here).

On this Sunday in particular, the family and I went to an animal rescue center. In addition to an ark’s worth of animals that we saw (and honestly, one day, I will post a plethora of pictures from that visit), there was one particular monkey that stole the show for us.

The monkeys at this rescue center are accustomed to having people around. They have no fear around humans and are quite happy to approach people and even jump on them as if they were trees. One monkey took a shine to my lovely wife and would not let go.

Monkey on back(pack)


Every time one of the center’s staff would extricate the monkey, it would jump right back on her.

This off-again-on-again routine took place for about ten minutes and was only stopped when we boarded our flat-bottom boat to leave. Not that our departure deterred the monkey…but that’s a story for another day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Day 214 – February 21, 2012

The theme this week is “Journey” from WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

Any journey is always better when you have someone to share it with. -Xavier Humes

Or, courtesy of someone much older than I, comes this quote from Izaak Walton from The Compleat Angler:

As the Italians say, Good company in a journey makes the way to seem the shorter.

Either quote you like takes us to today’s picture:

Friends atop boat in Peruvian Amazon

Could everyone move a shade to the left?

This was our family’s last day in the jungle of the Peruvian section of the Amazon jungle. We had packed up our belongings, said farewell to Senor Toby, and had boarded our steed for the ride back to Iquitos.

Our mode of transport for this 2-hour journey upstream was the Amazon Queen.

Joining us as they wended their back to Lima to enjoy the rest of their adventure in Peru were a gaggle of friends on holiday who were next off to see Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Before the Queen departed from our rickety wharf, they posed for a picture (seen above) with an edition of their local newspaper so they could send it to the Herald (or Gazette or Bugle or Planet or whatever the upstate New York periodical was called) to show where they had been on their vacation.

My lovely wife and I had a great time chatting with these folk as stories were exchanged, emails were given out, recommendations for fine dining in the City of Kings were recommended, and…

…because of their good company, the journey to Iquitos seemed much shorter than 120 minutes.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Day 213 – February 20, 2012

This week’s photo challenge from WordPress has the theme of distorted.

First, the photo…

Yagua dancers in Peruvian Amazon jungle

Dancers in a dream

Over this weekend, as Summer Vacation here in the Southern Hemisphere was winding down, the family and I took a mini-vacation to the town of Iquitos, which is located in the Peruvian section of the Amazon jungle.

On our third day, our guide took us to a village populated by members of the Yagua people.

When we arrived, we were escorted into a structure that was explained to us to be a communal house.

Then, the villagers came in and performed two dances. The first dance, the one pictured above, was called the “Dance of Bliss”.

I obtained the effect for this picture by turning off the flash and keeping the camera as still as possible while the aperture remained open for a few seconds to compensate for the low light.