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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

February 1, 2013 – Day 560

Inside is this week’s theme from WordPress. The last time WordPress chose this as a theme, my response took you to Sillustani near the waters of Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Today’s answer takes us again to South America, but this time to the country of Brazil and its city of Rio de Janeiro. Previous posts about our vacation stop in this city have highlighted landmarks such as Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer.

We were able to see those sights and many others courtesy of a tour operator that we had hired for the day. Near the end of the trip, our tour guide took us down the fabled beaches of Rio (including the Copacabana). One of the trademarks of the beach front portion of Rio is the distinctive sidewalks. Each section of this Brazilian city has its own pattern of black and white mosaics laid into the sidewalks. People in the know (and if they have enough street sense) can identify where they are on Rio’s beach scene simply by looking at the tiles.

While inside (and there’s my hook for this picture, thank you muchly) our tour van attempting to take pictures of this dichromatic diorama, we saw a scene that demanded its own picture.


You can see the black-and-white pattern of the sidewalk (and savvy travelers will be able to identify exactly where we are), but you can also see a guy lying on his stomach on a skateboard which is being pulled by a rope attached to the bicycle in front of him.

I can only wonder what is going on inside both of their heads to try such a stunt.

Two Down, Five to Go

During the end of January and the start of February, the family and I took two weeks out of our summer and partook of a cruise around the eastern parts of South America.

There were many highlights to this getaway vacation, but this was the biggest takeaway for me.

The New Open World Corporation (NOWC) has a campaign called New7Wonders. One of the first results of this campaign was to name – via open voting over the Internet – the New 7 Wonders of the World. This designation was in homage to the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, six of which have been lost to the ages. Only the Pyramids of Giza still exists, which is also the oldest of the Ancient Seven.

In addition, NOWC also launched a campaign to list the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

This most recent trip allowed us to visit sites on both the New Wonders list and the Wonders of Nature list.

Starting with Rio de Janeiro, we visited the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is considered to be the largest Art Deco statue on the globe. I wonder the second-largest Art Deco statue is?

In December of 2011, we visited Machu Picchu, which was the first of the New 7 Wonders. With our stop in Rio, the second of the seven new man-made wonders can be crossed off our list.

Two Down

Two Down

I vote for this place to be the third to be checked off.

On the Nature-made side of the Wonder category, our trip ended with a visit to Iguazu Falls – a stunning set of waterfalls that straddle the border between Brazil and Argentina. These falls were the second Wonders of Nature location we had visited as the first was the Amazon, which we travelled to last year around this time.

There is no one picture that could capture the entire majesty of the falls, so this lone picture will have to suffice to give you a glimpse of its aquatic glory.

Another Two Down

Another Two Down

Perhaps the Puerto Princesa Underground River will be the third natural wonder we will see.