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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette Redux

May 26, 2013 – Day 674

WordPress, over the weekend, announced their topic for this week’s photo challenge and it is “silhouette“.

WordPress has done this theme before (hence the word redux in my title) and I answered that challenge with this post.

For this go-around, I am taking us back to our family’s trip to Sillustani which I wrote about earlier (in yet another response to a Weekly Photo Challenge).

Sillustani, located near Lake Titicaca in Peru, is a burial ground that pre-dates the Incan Empire. Instead of tombs dug into the ground, the Colla people (those that built Sillustani) created tower-like structures called chullpas where the dead were interred.

For my response to this week’s topic of silhouette, I gave you the tallest of those chullpas taken from a distance.


Completely by accident did I catch that pillar of diagonal light that cuts through the chullpa and it oddly reminds me the “Pale Blue Dot” photograph made by the Voyager I spacecraft in 1990.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Silhouette is the theme this week from WordPress and their Weekly Photo Challenge.

As this theme word contains three syllables, I offer three photos:

Day 193 – January 31, 2012

Surfers at Mahaka Beach in Lima enjoying the final waves of the day as the sun begins its decline.

Mahaka Beach, Lima, Peru

Day 248 – March 26, 2012

Evening: Hummingbird perched on electric wires.

Hummingbird on wires

Day 250 – March 28, 2012

The trellis that acts as a roof over a walkway in a local neighborhood park where I like to go, write, and watch people.

Roof trellis