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Day 012 Randomocity

Day 012 – August 3, 2011

Random Observations

I’m Known

On my walk today around the neighborhood, I went to buy today’s edition of El Comercio. My local newspaper vendor is a kindly, elderly gentleman with tanned, leathery skin who sits on a corner and has a rack full of periodicals for people to look at before buying. Those are simply the display models because when someone wants to buy a paper, the vendor has a stack of newspapers next to where he sits that he picks from.

As I walk toward the rack on this cloudy (still cloudy) Wednesday, the vendor sees me, goes to his pile, and offers me El Comercio without any word from me.

That’s service.

I feel bad that next week I will mess up his system because I’ll be trying out another newspaper.

Peru and the Isle of Man

Today, I saw a windmill on the roof of a building. This would be new place for me to espy such a device as the other places I have personally seen windmills include…

…on Interstate 5 outside of Carlsbad, California;
wind farms in California; and
miniature golf courses

The name on the windmill identified it as coming from a company called WindAid. The logo looked oddly familiar. One of the issues of having a head full of random knowledge is that things look oddly familiar when they actually aren’t.

However, in this case, I was right, as the logo for this company looks like the flag for the Isle of Man.

Coincidence? No sé.


Once is interesting, twice is curious, and three times is a trend.

So far, in twelve days, I have seen three instances of what (to me) is new.

At a dinner, at the School, and at the local grocery store, I have seen women wear rings that span two or three fingers. The ring itself fits on the ring finger (not to be confused with two-finger rings and three-finger rings…which remind me of brass knuckles), but the item on top (i.e., stone or whatever you call it) covers not only all of the ring finger but all or part of the pinky and/or middle fingers.

Again, I’m a writer, (not a jeweler, Jim!) so if this type of ring has been around since the Eisenhower Administration, I apologize for being the last person on the planet to answer the Clue Phone.

Mea Culpa

An apology.

Courtesy of wife’s company’s Work Sponsor program, our house has been furnished with a welcome kit of household items that will tide us over until our own plates, silverware, pots, pans, glasses, and other kitchen items show up.

The pots and pans from our welcome kit are coated with Teflon which is helpful when making sure the scrambled eggs slide off the skillet and onto the plate.

However – and this is where the apology comes in – we have also been provided with spatulas and other kitchen ware that are only metal so that every time we use the metallic spatula, we carve away a little bit of the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

For the next people coming to Peru who use these welcome kit pots and pans, we’re sorry.

And with that, Day 012 was finished.